Where to buy hamster tubes and cages

I have noticed lots of searches on this blog for phrases like “hamster tubes” and “hamster housing” and realized that I don’t have that much information listed. So I thought I had better write up a short information packed post on hamster cages, tubes and housing. Since I have had several hamsters in the past, here are some tips on cages and tubes.

I had one of those hamster tube mazes that were very popular about 10 years ago. In fact I still have a large box of tubes and junctions. I used to hook up 2 five gallon aquarium tanks to each end of the maze. One tank held the food and water while the other tank had the big exercise wheel. The tube had sections with little boxes where the hamster could take naps. All that for one hamster.

Now you can get all kinds of hamster housings. Below is what I found online in a few short minutes. Each of them are priced under $40 and many of them under $12. Just click on each photo to find out more about them

Now don’t forget that the hamster needs air circulating through the tunnel/tube system. So you will need to make sure that there are ample slots and grids to allow air in. Another note is that some hamsters will chew their way out of some of these cages. You will have to keep an eye out for any chewing damage and replace that part or eliminate it out of the system.


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