Animal collectors

Animal collectors or as I like to call them, animal “hoarders” are often the ones that end up in the news such as the lady with 200 cats living in her apartment. Animal hoarders often have some type of mental problem but not all of them. Hoarding can be a good thing when your parents teach you to “hoard” away pennies for a rainy day but when it comes to animals that is entirely something different. Would you call a beef rancher a hoarder? No, of course not because he/she is not hoarding but raising cattle for sale. A hoarder rarely if ever sells any animal. They have the mistaken belief that they and only they can take care of their animals. Hoarders rarely raise meat producing animals they stick to the types of animals kept as pets.

I recently found out that I have a miniature horse hoarder living close to me. Every morning I drive past a house with a low lying barn that is surrounded by at least 50+ miniature horses. At a local horse show this past weekend I started to talk to the president of a local miniature horse club. I asked him if he knew anything about the little herd of miniatures that lived near me. he told me that the woman was a “collector” (as he put it). The woman had sold some minis in the past but then went to the new owners and begged to buy them back. She cannot emotionally part with any of them but still keeps collecting more or breeding to increase her herd.

Unfortunately it is these types of people that are the ones that have forced city governments to enact zoning laws that cover how many pets you can have at one location. They are also the ones who are generally the first ones to start begging for money when their own incomes run low.


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