Rabbits in the house

I have had 3 pet rabbits over the years. One was a house rabbit and two were barn rabbits. My first one was a French Lop Eared female. She was a combination house rabbit and garden rabbit. She slept indoors and went outdoors during the day in a secure city backyard with a high solid fence. The next rabbit was one that I had on our first country property. It was too dangerous for the rabbit to be let outdoors so it was a rabbit hutch rabbit with daily turnouts in the barn. Our current rabbit is a barn rabbit too.

I have known plenty of people that have house rabbits. The rabbits are trained to use a kitty litter box and learned not to nibble through power cords while out of their cages. If they had not been trained not to nibble the results would have been disastrous for the rabbits.

Here is a book that will help out the house rabbit owner in training their house rabbit. It is called Training Your Pet Rabbit and it is currently on sale.



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