Rambo the ram – YouTube sensation

How does a ram become a YouTube star?

Well, Rambo a sheep in New Zealand, became one by doing what he does best, ramming things and people. One of the videos he stars in was filmed 2013 and now (in 2017) has over 13 million views. It shows him at his best.

Angry Ram, as Rambo is known, has a small family of a ewe and his son. He was sent to the 100 acre forest about 10 years ago because he was always ramming people and things.

Rambo is about 13-15 years old per his caretaker and videographer, Marty Todd.

Rambo has had many adventures and below is the one where he was attacked by dogs and went missing for several days.

Marty Todd has many other videos on his YouTube channel, but Rambo’s (Angry Ram) videos out do the others by a landslide.


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