Deer in my backyard

I guess our backyard is now on the afternoon munch list for a small herd of 8-9 white tailed deer. There are 3 does and their fawns that gather and eat the lawn before heading off to the 60 acre field next door.  I’ll try and get some good photos and put them up on the blog.

I did notice one older fawn that was on the thin side and had a thinning coat. I talked to a local hunter and he told me that lice was a big problem with the deer herds in the area. I have found that the hunters are a better gauge of what is going on with the local wildlife than the official fish and game authorities.

In the next few months I should see the does with this years little fawns. I have not seen the bucks yet but they are probably around. Last year there was a group of 3 bucks that use to travel through the area, but I have not seen them this year so far.


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