Deer in our pasture

I was bringing in our small herd of horses into the barn for their evening feed and what did I happen to spot in the next field but 4 deer. They were obviously the bachelor type, not a fawn in sight. I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me. I thought that by the time I rushed back to the house to fetch it, the deer would have moved on. It didn't take them that long to move down to the creek where it is more heavily wooded. At that point I could not see them anymore.

I am looking forward to seeing the does traveling across our backyard with their fawns in tow, like they do every year.  Last year we had one doe with a new born fawn in August which was unusual for here. I tried to get some photos of that pair last year but the zoom lens on the camera was not getting close enough for me.

If I really wanted to bring the deer in closer to the house all I have to do is put out pelleted deer food – yes they have that stuff on sale at our local feed store. A few years ago I bought a bag of it and the deer pretty much ignored it until they found out it was food.


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