Disney’s Earth


You probably saw the movie Earth advertised on TV or you went to see the movie earlier this year. Made by Disney this is not one of those cute little glossed over Disney movies made for 4 year olds. This movie was supposed to be gut retching and true to life. Although no animals will be shown getting torn apart it does show them hunting. No glossing over the true reality of wild animals but also the film takes into consideration the younger audience.

The movie follows three groups of animal families in their day to day struggle to survive. Other animals and their families are in the film to tie everything together. It took a total of five years to make this documentary. Filmed all over the globe this movie has gotten several great reviews. From what I have seen of the movie the filming and photography is spectacular.

I have not seen the entire movie yet but I will be getting a copy in the next few days. It was released on DVD in September. They have lowered the sale price in a local store so now it is tempting me more than ever. It will become one of those films I plan on watching over and over again. I am also a big fan of James Earl Jones as a narrator and he lends his voice to this movie.

I think that movies like this are also making us more aware of what the animal world is going through while we are worried about our own human world of jobs, housing and the economy.  We need to look out beyond our small world of cell phones TV shows and the internet. We need to be aware of the world as a whole.


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