Lizards are not pest control

When I was growing up, I lived in a cockroach infested apartment building. The roaches were so bad that they literally leapt out at you from just opened kitchen drawers. They were nasty. I even remember the occasional roach falling into our goldfish tank where the fish eagerly ate them.

The roach situation was a loosing battle. They seemed to be immune to almost every bait, trap and spray my parents threw at them. Then my dad got the bright idea to get a pet lizard to take care of the problem. We use to live in Hawaii and lizards were everywhere taking care of the insect problem. So he bought a small green one on sale from the local pet shop. His only problem was the fact he thought that he could just let the lizard have the run of the cupboards in the kitchen and the lizard would hunt those roaches and get fat too,much like the lizards did in Hawaii, but we were now living in California.

Of course the poor lizard died within a week of buying it since dad never took care of it. The little lizard probably starved to death. As a child I did not know any better but you would think that a parent would. Now that I am older and wiser I can honestly say that there are some really stupid people in this world and I happen to be related to them.

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