The Gulf oil spill

Not a day goes by that the Gulf oil spill has not made its way to the top 3 news stories of that day. The number of whole wildlife species populations that will either be wiped out or damaged is huge. You might be aware of the great fur and hair collection going on to absorb the oil. A friend of ours has collected her dog’s shed out fur and sent it off for the cause. I just might bag up the horse hair that I keep brushing out of my shaggy mare – she is the last one to shed out this year, and send that too. Long tubular nets are being stuffed with hair and fur and then laid out near the floating oil. The hair is the only non-toxic item that will absorb the oil while it is still floating.

What I am amazed at, is the fact that since the Alaskan oil spill with the Exxon Valdez, years ago, not much in the way of oil spill containment has been invented. I have also found that there is an unusual side effect to the situation, books about oil spills are becoming scarce. The book (pic below) Oil Spill has disappeared from our local bookstore. It seems that many teachers are using the oil spill as a great opportunity to teach their kids about what happens both during and after the spill.


What I have been trying to find out is if there is an oil cutting agent that has no long term effects on the environment. I was thinking about an enzyme or maybe something like the dish-wash liquid Dawn (because is is known to cut grease?!). If dish washing liquid did work, I wonder where BP would find enough of it on sale and how would it be delivered to the site. I also wonder if there is a creature that eats oil. Things to ponder.


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