The proper location for a bird bath

If you invite wild birds to your property to feed them you must also take precautions for their safety. Take for example the photo of the bird bath below. It shows the typical garden setting of most of the bird baths you find on sale at the local garden stores. It looks wonderful in the photo. Surrounded by a flower bed and no birds in sight.bird_bath.jpg

Unfortunately the placement of the bird bath is not healthy for the birds to use it. Cats and other bird predators will use the brush cover to hide in while waiting for the little birdy dinner to wash before pouncing on it. Bird baths as well as bird feeders should have at least a clear radius of 15 or more feet around them to allow the birds a chance to escape an attack. Also keep in mind that wet birds have a slower fight take off time than birds that have dry feathers.

That wonderful and innocent looking bird feeder that is hanging in your backyard tree is simply a cat diner for the local cat population. Move it to an open area where the birds will be safe from attack. Once you have made your bird baths and feeders safer you will see an increase in bird visitors.


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