Urban wildlife


You don't have to go on an African safari to see wildlife. You don't even have have to take a trip out to the local countryside to see wildlife. You can explore the wonderful world of urban wildlife. Animals like raccoons, squirrels, owls and hawks often populate large cities like New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Even a big city like New York has lots of urban wildlife. With a large city park, Central Park, at almost the center of the city it is no wonder that wild animals can coexist in the city with humans. Some companies that do New York Tours offer sightseeing with finding the more unusual aspects of the city like locating wildlife. If you plan on visiting a big city you can either tour a few of that city's big parks or find out before hand where you should look for urban wildlife in that city.

The night life of Central Park is full of bats. There use to be a healthy count of owls in the park. In 2001 there were at least 30 of them but at last count there were only 6 left.

Squirrels are the most abundant wildlife found in the park and people really enjoy watching their antics. They have an abundant food supply with finding discarded food and begging from visitors.


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