What is your favorite animal?


Now I am not talking about your favorite pet or even a pet you would like to have, nope, I am talking about what is your favorite animal that you can never hope to even touch. Would it be a cheetah or maybe an elusive giant squid? Or maybe you opt for the more unusual like deadly snakes. How about my colorful friend above? The anteater. Some of my favorites include those cute lemurs. One of the main reasons I like lemurs is that they look like they are a cross between a cat and a monkey.

Of the North American wildlife, I like otters, both the sea and river otters. I have seen both up close in the wild. Another animal that I have seen up close and very personal was snakes and lots of them. I was crossing a section of boulders and it seemed that once I got half way, all these snakes came out of nowhere and were crawling all over the rocks with me. After that incident I became not too fond of snakes. I can only be thankful that I did not have to buy a snake bite kit on the way home that day. Before that fateful day, snakes never bothered me. I could touch and pet a tame snake with no problem. Now I am not so secure about them.

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