Wildlife photography

Unlike taking pictures of your pets, wildlife photography is very much different. Not only do you have to have the right camera for the job but also the patience to wait for the right moment to snap the photo. Wildlife photography can range from taking photos of butterflies in your backyard to underwater shots of sea turtles.  Choosing the right camera ahead of time for the type of photography that you plan on doing will save you some headaches.

If you plan on doing lots of close up work that you need to get closer than 2 feet from your subject then you will need to have a camera that is capable of doing macro photography. Cameras that are not capable of doing that will constantly have focusing problems and will almost always have a fuzzy photo for you.

For action shots I prefer a camera that will allow a long stream of individual shots with just one press of the shutter button. That way I can look over each photo to pick out the best one.

I don't take many videos but if you do then make sure that your camera is capable of doing that too. Why have 2 different cameras for that when so many of todays digital cameras offer the best of both.


The hardest part about wildlife photography is finding the wildlife.

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