Strange animal videos

Today is just a wee bit strange. Just for fun you can check out the video of the walrus playing the sax at the blog “Off the Wall – again”

Walrus playing the sax

Now on a different note, the video below is a local news item to me. You can watch all about the animals that were taken and the children too. Here are a few things you won’t see on the video:

The man charged with animal neglect is the father of all of the kids, he has a wife and a girlfriend living with him and are the mothers of the kids. That I heard from a source close to the family.  He also shot deer without a permit to get food for the dogs. He is facing charges for hunting without a permit. The property that he let the horse loose on is not open range land but other people’s property. He has been known to cut the fences and let his animals loose on other people’s property so he doesn’t have to feed them. The horses are all covered in lice and ticks. The kids rode the horses in a local parade several months ago. I personally witnessed that the horses were thin, covered in dirt, had not been brushed. The kids were using baling twine to hold the bridles together. All the other horse groups were shocked that they were allowed in the parade, but they paid their entry fee and that was what counted in the eyes of the parade organizers. This is a small community here and gossip travels fast.

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