An Animal Ghost Book


I think it is fitting that I write about animal ghosts so close to Halloween. Many people do not believe that animals can have souls that could continue on after death. In their beliefs it is the presence of the human soul that separates humans from animals. I am a total believer in the fact that a spirit inhabits every living thing. In my humble opinion it is the presence of a spirit that gives life to the cells of a body. Once the spirit has left that body is when the body starts to rapidly die. I am not an official member of any organized religion so I am not restricted in my beliefs. I have found out that many religions believe the same way as I do. The American Indian culture is very much in tune with animal spirits.

Since I have also had the pleasure of experiencing a haunting first hand (of course that is another story altogether) I do not disregard the existence of animal spirits. As such there is no reason that animals can also stay to haunt an area after they have died.

Joshua Warren wrote a book about his encounters with pets that have passed on in, Pet Ghosts It is also available for your Kindle .

He is a paranormal investigator that investigated the odd occurrences that happened after his own pet dog died. If you are interested in this book you should click on the links I provided. The brick and motar places I checked had the book sold out. It seems that books about real animal ghosts are becoming very popular or maybe it is only at this time of the year. I have found only a handful of non-fiction books that are about animal ghosts, the rest just being fictional stories.

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