A career with animals

Wouldn’t you just love a job where you worked with animals all day long? You could be a research scientist, biologist or even work in a doggy daycare. You could be the one that finds the proof why salmon numbers have been dwindling or the dog trainer that kept Fido from wanting to chase cars. Yes there are lots of opportunities for people to train and go to college for those careers. There are also lots of rip offs when it comes to career training in the animal world.

Along with legitimate career training comes the scams. Every state has their own requirements for vet techs, dog groomers and animal trainers. You must check that out before embarking on any career choice. There have been quite a few online schools that have online courses for vet techs and if you live in Oregon or any state that requires a hands on course at an accredited in state college then you should not waste your money for an online course that will not help you one bit.

I personally find it very strange that people would even want to try an online course when they know in fact that a career with animals requires a hands on education. It is almost like claiming to be a dog trainer when you don’t even own a dog, by the way that is a BIG RED FLAG, stay away from dog trainers that don’t own dogs. While on the subject of dog training and animal training in general, there are very few regulations or licensing of those careers and businesses in place so training is based on the success or failure of the trainer in the business world.

If you have higher goals in mind such as becoming a marine biologist or research scientist then be warned that you will be aiming for a Masters Degree with a PhD as the end result. What ever your career goals are with animals, do your research first before embarking on an expensive education and stay away from the scams.


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