A feed store shopping spree

Remember those days when grocery stores use to have contests for shopping sprees? The winner would get 10-20 minutes to load up what ever they could in a shopping cart or carts and get it past the finish line to get the items for free. Well, a local feed store is doing almost the same thing. Instead of a shopping cart you get a $5000.00 gift card. Now what would you do with $5000.00 in a feed store? That's easy if you have pets or livestock.

If I won, the first things on my list would be…..you guessed it…..feed! Even when feed is on sale, the price is never low enough to consider stocking up on it. Next on my list is pasture seed. Considering the fact that it is cheaper to feed a horse by letting eat grasses than buying hay, I opt for a good quality forage grass that will supply the nutrients and calories that my horses need. You can't do that unless you reseed your pastures every few years or more often.

Next up on my list would be hardware for fences and the barn. If you have horses, you know what I mean, the items that either the horses tend to break every year or just get worn out.

Of course what list could be complete without at least one expensive item. We have tractors so either an attachment for one of them would be nice or replacement parts or tires. If I didn't get something to do with the tractors then fencing or pipe panels to enlarge the horse arena or maybe even a wood stove to install into the workshop.

Isn't dreaming about what you would do with a $5K gift card just to blow on your pets a nice idea? I think if I got the money instead I might be tempted just to pay the bills and not splurge on my animals.


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