A poem of animals ages with a twist of …..

Many years ago when I was but a teen, I was in a doctors office and saw a poster on the wall that I thought rather odd to be hanging in a doctors office. That was until I saw the doctor. He was very elderly and looked far past the age of retirement. Here is the poem that was on the poster –

The horse and mule live thirty years,
Yet know nothing of wines and beers.

Most goats and sheep at twenty die,
And have never tasted Scotch or rye.

A cow drinks water by the ton,
And at eighteen is mostly done.

The cat in milk and water soaks,
And then in twelve short years he croaks.

The modest, sober, bone-dry hen,
Lays eggs for nogs, then dies at ten.

All animals are strictly dry,
They sinless live and swiftly die.

But sinful, ginful, beer-soaked men,
Survive three-score years and ten.

And some of us, the mighty few,
Stay pickled till we’re ninety-two.

The poem was signed as “Anon” and circa late 1800’s.  It gave me a chuckle and the life spans of the animals mentioned are almost right on. I hoped you enjoyed it.


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