A rat and his toys

I came across these photos while surfing the net:



I was wondering if they were part of a group of photos. Alas I found them on one of those free desktop wallpaper sites that gave no credits to the original photographer. I am sure that they might have come from the rat version of LOL Catz. If you know the story behind these photos I would for you to leave a comment. I do believe that the photographer needs the credit here, as he/she is brilliant.

Edited to add:

Thanks to a very helpful reader I now know the photographer and the names of the rats in the photos. The rats are Duck and Worm and they belong to 19 year old Jessica Florence.  Jess wants to be a professional photographer and by the looks of it she is well on her way. Maybe there is a reader out there that will give her, her first assignment. Here is here blog where you can see more of here work. Jessica Florence’s blog.

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