All the Creatures is gaining visitors ….again


It has been a long 10 months now since All the Creatures moved from to it’s own domain and hosting. The name changed too from All the Critters to All the Creatures. “Critters” sounded too much like Ellie May of the Hillbillies was running the place. When it first moved only a handful of regular readers followed. Each month a few more readers found us again and even added a link to us from their websites and blogs. It has been a slow but growing pace since the BIG move but it has been worth it. For me personally I have had to take charge of getting the word out about where All the Creatures moved to and our new name.  I still have not gotten to the 700+ visitors a day I was getting over at wordpress but the current count is growing by 10 or more visitors each day. All the Creatures now get about 400+ visitors a day. I don’t think that too many people have gotten the hang of subscribing by email to the blog since that count goes up and down daily.

I have also had the benefit of adding Google ads to the blog and with the income from them I was able to donate money to the local animal rescue. Of course it took about 7 months to earn enough money for Google to send me a check but it was well worth the wait. With the economy downturn the local animal rescue was over run with animals but lacked in funds. I was only glad to help out. It is nice to know that I am at last able to help the animals by doing something I love doing and that is write about animals.


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