All the Creatures is now 4 years old

It is the 4th Anniversary of this blog. Back in 2007 I started writing about animals and have not looked back. I have changed the look of the blog several times in those years. From just a plain template to an elaborate animal photo rich one, then finally the chameleon you see today. Of course those of you who followed me from will remember that originally was an all animal video website before I made it into a blog.

The computers I have used to maintain this blog have gotten smaller and smaller over the years. From an old, large and heavy laptop to 2 smaller netbooks, the technology has even changed how I blog. I have even used my iPod to write a few quick posts.

I was hopeful that my blog would gain a larger audience with Amazon's Kindle and it has.

I have added and removed pages over the years that I thought might be of use to you. Some were visited everyday, some were rarely visited at all so they went. In fact I just added another one today called "Articles" as a helpful resource for you.

As long as I am able to type and have access to the internet,I will continue to blog here for some time to come. I hope you will stay with me as I continue to entertain, educate and maybe bring a smile to your face.


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