Animal lovers love plants too

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I think that is is only natural that pet owners and nature lovers are often gardeners and house plant growers. To me growing plants brings me closer to nature. I grow orchids and many varieties of house plants. Of course during the early spring, like now, I would be starting my vegetables in the greenhouse or indoors.

Each year when I get ready to start my vegetable plants I look at the wide variety of potting soils there are. One that has caught my eye is Expand ‘n Gro™ by Miracle-Gro. It is made with coconut fibers that enable the product to expand 3X when water is added to it. There is also fertilizer in the mix, enough for 6 months worth of growth.

I don’t know if this product will work with my terrestrial orchids but I am going to try the stuff and see how good it is.

So what will you grow this year? I remember one year trying to grow catnip for my cat. Guess what happened? The cat had no reaction to the catnip at all. Strange but this was the same cat that got “high” from rubbing on my skin when I had to use Ben Gay for aches and pains.


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