Animal prices


Why is it that if you plan on getting a puppy, be it purebred or a mix, you had better be prepared to pay a lot of $$$ for it. The same is also true of purebred, registered cats. Once those same pets reach about 6 months old their price goes waaay down unless of course they are show or competition animals.

Logically their price should go up since they are now potty trained and now look more of what they will be like when full grown. But logic has never been a part of the cute and cuddly pet trade.

I paid $600.00 for my first Chow Chow puppy many years ago and he was only pet quality. On the other hand I acquired a 3 year old Chow Chow bitch (that I later got spayed) that had international champion bloodlines, for only $150.00.

I know that in some areas of the country it has now become illegal to breed dogs or cats without a permit. Also if you dog or cat is not "fixed" you could face fines. Because of this I have also noticed that prices of puppies has increased in those areas. The prices of adult dogs are still way down in those same areas though.

Our current assortment of dogs range from one black lab acquired from my mother as an adult for free. One min pin I got from the local pound for $15.00, he is purebred, no papers and that price included micro-chipping (he was already neutered) and about 3 years old. Our next one was a puppy that we got for my daughters' 11 th birthday. A local rancher was selling cattle dog puppies and we got our little mixture for $50.00. Our last one was a Husky mix about 6 months old that we also got from the pound. She was our most expensive one since she needed to be fixed and have dental work done to the tune of $600.00, she has a severe overbite but my husband and her just love each other.


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