Animals and Mardi Gras


photo courtesy of Venetian Masks

Would it come as a surprise to you to learn that Mardi Gras is celebrated all over the world? It surprised me, as I thought it was strictly a new world event that was centered in New Orleans and south America. Mardi Gras is the period of celebration that leads up to Ash Wednesday, a Christian day that marks the beginning of Lent (the period where Christ went through 40 days of fasting). In the period of Mardi Gras varies from country to country and even here in the USA each city has a different number of days or weeks that parties, masked balls and celebrations take place.

Animals also have their part in the celebrations. They are not just symbolized in the Mardi Gras masks, also called Venetian Masks, as shown in the photo above. Animals are the benefactors of several parades in New Orleans, where money is collected and donated to local shelters. Dogs are commonly dressed up and accompany their owners in the parades. There is even a celebration of dead and lost pets.

So you see, Mardi Gras is not just for humans.

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