Animals used in research

If you are over 30 then you would have remembered when rabbits were used to test shampoos and cosmetics. The main experiment they use to do was put the product in an eye dropper and drop the chemical in the eyes of the rabbits and record the results. Did that stop the companies from putting those stinging chemicals in those products, heck no as I can testify that shampoo that gets in your eyes still stings. So what was the purpose of those experiments and tests? All I can think of is to waste money and cause undue suffering on those animals.

Even today animal testing still goes on. I can understand research for cures to diseases but tests for products that are merely cosmetic are ludicrous. Companies  keep coming up with chemicals for products when there are natural chemicals and plants that already have been tested and found to work seem to be just after money and nothing else. Why would a company test a “natural acne remedy” on an animal when the product would only be used on humans? If companies would only use those ingredients in their products that have had a tried and true track record of being safe then testing on animals would end permanently. It just takes common sense, which they seem to lack at the present time.

Some companies actually put on their labels that no animal testing was done in the development of the product but can those lables be trusted? I don’t know. Animal testing is still done in 10% of all consumer products. The graph below show the breakdown of the types of animals used in experiments in 2005 in Europe. A total of 12.1 million animals were used.


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