Carbon Neutral, my ass


I recently came across the picture above on several blogs and wondered where did those people get their education? I will say this just once…. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CARBON NEUTRAL BLOG.  Yes I had to shout that, because those people are just plain stupid or got their head up their ass. Do they realize all of the chemicals and energy that went into the building of their personal electronics to access the internet, and the servers that host their blogs they claim are carbon neutral? I guess not. They probably don’t know how silicon chips are made nor the complex steps it takes just to manufacture their computers and then use all that fuel to transport it from China or Taiwan to their local electronics store so they could drive there and buy it.

Carbon Neutral – yeah, right………NOT

If I see that emblem in any more blogs, I will be careful not to visit it again because the writer is just plain stupid.


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