Do you decorate your home with animals in mind?

I bet that title conjured up all kinds of thoughts. Did I mean having plants around your house that attracted birds and butterflies? Or did I mean having address plaques for a house that had puppies all over them? Well, I was referring to the later.

A neighbor of mine decorated all of our mail boxes (there are 5 of us grouped together) with a horsey theme, since we all have horses. Her house has copper horses adorning her driveway and she has a collection of Breyer horses that are in a glass case in her immaculate living room.

I never went with an all out animal theme for my home but I do admit that my horse's pictures are framed and are hanging in the dinning room. Our living room currently has a mix of western and forest themes and hubby has made a request that our bedroom be redone from the current fern theme to the wild west with cowboys, cattle and horses.

Yes I decorate with animals in mind………the love of animals that is.


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