Halloween is almost here

I saw my fair share of doggy Halloween costumes in Walmart this year but a great lack of seeing any body dressing up in general much less their dogs. Halloween in past years was a sign that the economy was doing well. I do know that our local TV news station, last night, was reporting that an average of $76 per person was being spent on Halloween this year by the American public. I think that the reporter said "but I don't know anyone that spent that kind of money on Halloween," at the same time I thought it.

Of course this morning I hear on the news that Halloween sales have been very poor this year. I wish those TV news stations would get it right for a change. Just at the beginning of the week they did a report on Cavalia the horse presentation event. It is very much like the traveling Lipizzaner horses that put on shows across the nation. So what does the local reporter keep calling Cavalia? A circus!!!! WTF!

That same TV news station did a report last summer about the growing trend of birthday parties for pets. They reported the trend from sending out birthday invitations to serving minced meats in the form of cakes with a large dose of sarcasm. All I ask for is that, that TV station get some competent, animal knowledgeable reporters on the job.

So if I don't get the time to write a Halloween post this year – Happy Halloween 2011


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