It is going to be a snow bound weekend

Our horses had been enjoying the unusual warm weather by sunbathing on the cold ground, but today the temperatures have been dropping and the next wet weather system is suppose to hit us tomorrow.  We are suppose to have snow on Sunday and Monday. When and if the snow hits I will have my camera ready for one horse's reaction to it. You see, we have one horse who has never experienced snow and he is a highly reactive horse. I also promised to send the former owner a photo of him in the snow when it happens.

Of course during the very cold weather my dog does not want to venture outside too much either. When he needs to go out to do his business, he wants to come back it right away instead of wandering around. He tends to be just like me on these colder, fridged days…….I want to stay by the fire, except I also turn on the home theater sound system with the TV, pop in a DVD, grab a thick blanket and relax before the power goes out. Yes I live in that type of area.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the power doesn't go out and all is well for the snow storm we are suppose to get.


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