Names of animal breeds

How did animals and animals breeds get their names? Some are obvious like a dog or horse breed named after a geographical location. Some good examples of dog breeds are the Labrador Retriever and Newfoundland but the Australian Shepard is not, that breed was developed in California. For horses the American Quarter horse developed in ….. where else, America and the Arabian horse which came from the Arabian desert.

Other animals are named after a physical feature they have like the breed of cattle named the Texas Longhorn or the Big Horn sheep. Some are named after their coat or skin markings.

Some names are more obscure like the older species of animals that do not have common names but Latin ones. Small microbes that are one celled animals are the ones most often to have just Latin names.

Back in the beginning when zoology was being developed as a science, many times animal genera was named after the person who classified or discovered it. The development of the classifications of animals is fascinating. I highly recommend that if you want to find out more you get an in-depth college text book on the subject. You can often find one on sale after the school term is over. There is so much misinformation online about the science of animals that you don't really know if the information is accurate or not that is why I recommend a text book.


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