Nature movies

I am not the type of person that watches regular TV fan fare. The big 3 networks rarely have anything that interests me. On the other hand the Discovery Channel, BBC, PBS, the History Channel and Animal Planet are fascinating to me. It is those true to nature programs that get my attention.

I found a wonderful montage of several nature movies put together beautifully by someone and placed on YouTube. It contain footage from the following movies:

  • The Beach
  • Sharkwater
  • BBC Nature's Most Amazing Events – Season 1: The Great Melt, The Great Salmon Run, The Great Migration, The Great Tide

Here is that amazing video:

The music is from the movie Avatar. It is this type of video that I really enjoy watching. It reminds me how amazing our planet it. The natural beauty that surrounds us and the raw power of the planet. The music just adds to the mood and drama of the video.

Don't forget that you can still get all of those nature shows on DVD or even watch some of them online. With the holidays coming up you can even treat yourself by finding one on sale somewhere. Right now I am headed back to YouTube to see what else I can find. I might even download a few of them to put on my iPod.


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