Pet Allergies: Some Options for Controlling Pet Dander

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Guest blogger Jamie Harless

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 6 out of 10 people in the United States come in contact with cats or dogs. In this country, the total pet population is more than 100 million which works out to four pets for every 10 people.  Allergies to pets with fur or feathers are common.  A high percentage of people with allergies also have allergic reactions to cats and dogs.

Cat allergies are about twice as common as dog allergies. Most of the time the culprit is the cat’s saliva combined with your cat’s dander.  The dander flakes off and the proteins get on your carpet, drapes, or other fabrics in the home.  People with dog allergies may be allergic to all dogs or to only some breeds.  Symptoms can include itchy eyes, a runny nose, asthma symptoms, a rash, or itchy skin.  These might seem trivial to some people, but they negatively affect your quality of life.

If you suffer with pet allergies, you do have some options besides getting rid of your beloved pets.  You definitely want to keep your pet out of your bedroom.  Keep your bedroom door closed.  You also can control pet dander around your bedding with mattress covers and pillow encasements.  This allergy bedding zips shut and keeps pet dander from sticking to your bed.   One great treatment that I have found for my pets is to wash them with an anti-allergen pet shampoo.  This treatment can help your pet’s skin and at the same time limit pet dander.  The pet dander is a major allergen for most people.  Finally, you definitely should consider a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.  These filters can help remove pet dander from surfaces and from the air inside your home.


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