Pet related apps

After getting my iPod touch I have been busy downloading some free apple apps (animal ones of course) and trying them out. So far I have an animated cat that you can pet or pull its tale and it will react to it. I have been looking for a decent horse app that will track vaccines, wormings and types of feed that each of my horses get. Once I find one I'll let you know about it and post a link to it on the "free stuff" page. Of course I will also be looking at other pet apps and keep you posted.

In the mean time I am getting addicted to finding free apps that are animal related. You can also find some neat ones just by going to the iTunes website and doing a search for free apps. There might be a quick link in the sidebar to the free apple apps page to get you there quicker, so look for it.

I have also been curious about those iPad knockoffs that are coming out. While Apple was not the first to have a touchscreen tablet, they just have the most well known one. Other companies have touch tablet computers now like Asus, but most of them rely on the Windows format.

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