Pets in TV series


Have you noticed that recently there has been an extreme lack of pets shown in TV series? There use to be at least one well known pet in a TV series each season but for the last several seasons I cannot think of one pet on any show. Is it a sign of the times? Maybe those people in charge of putting those shows on the air don’t own pets themselves so they identify more with the show than everyone else.

I would love to see more pets in TV shows that did not become part of the story line because they died. I remember when we found out that the kids on the “Everybody Loves Raymond,” had a hamster because it was missing then it died.

Pets play such a large part in the majority of households in the USA, yet they are not on TV as part of the cast in shows. What is up with that?

Just a quick note on what I have been doing with the blog. You will notice that many of the older blog posts no longer allow people to comment. I am following the trend of the more successful blogs that shut off comments on older posts. I will be only allowing comments on the blog posts that are under 3 months old. Even though my spam filter was getting the majority of the spam comments and automatically deleting it, I still had to wade through those others that put out links to places I did not want to link to.


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