Police hunt down young cow with assault weapons

A young heifer (a cow that has not been a mother yet) made a bold dash from the local livestock yard in Wales. Instead of being caught and led back to her pen, the police were called and they showed up with body amour and assault weapons.

The link, with pictures of the news is below but here is an excerpt of the article –

The animal leapt over a cattle grid and ran down a bypass and residential streets in the town of Welshpool in central Wales.Police were called and soon officers arrived armed with Heckler and Koch semi- automatic machine guns. The cows freedom was short lived because when the animal had been cornered it was shot dead. Last nights residents in the town condemned the police reaction.

The comments below the article are definitely worth reading. Many people ask why a young cow could not be roped and led back quietly to the stockyard. I know if that happened in the USA, the stockyard usually has stock handlers with cattle dogs that can ride horses and can herd cattle. A few years ago a large cattle truck flipped over on a major highway in the Central Valley of California. The local sheriff called his list of local cowboys to get instant volunteers to help round up the cattle that were now wandering all over the freeway. No cattle were shot, no humans in danger from the cattle and they all got rounded up in less than 2 hours. I guess they do things differently in Wales.

Here is the link to the article – Operation Overkill



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