Registered pet names

Ever wondered how pets from dogs to horses end up with some odd registered names? Both dog and horse breeders go by similar "rules." Here are a few of them that are applied to both dogs and horses:

  • The offspring is a combination of both parents names. This works more for very small dog litters or horses.
  • The dog or horse's name is preceded by the "farm" or "kennel" name. For example a horse breeding farm named "High Trotting Castle" would be shortened to HTC and that HTC would precede the horse's registered name that was bred by HTC. Example "htc Desire"  or htc Star Light. Dog kennels would not use the initials but would use the whole name like "Woodbury Farm's Golden Boy" or "Woodbury Farm's Lady Dash"

When I bred Chow Chows years ago I did something just a bit different. I put the kennel name after their registered name. My kennels name was "Lion's Lair," and I named one of my dogs Brutus. He was named "Brutus of Lion's Lair."

As you can see, registered names can be as creative as your imagination. Can you change your pets registered name? Some registries allow you to do that….for a fee. But most people give their horses and dogs nicknames or as we call it for horses, "barn names."


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