So you want to be a vet or vet tech

Vet tech at work assisting with teeth floating

You love animals and want to spend your life around them. You have decided to become a veterinarian or a vet tech. I too wanted to be both but there are some stumbling blocks in the way that you should be aware of.

First up, stay away from online classes for these professions. Any online university that claims you can become ether of those is just blowing smoke up your ass and taking your money for nothing. You HAVE to attend in person classes and have hands on experience with live animals for those careers.

Next, find out what the educational requirements are for your state or country are before you even look at colleges. Some places will only accept certain accredited courses taught at certain schools. That private local college might not be qualified.

Once you have found that college you should know a few things. Class sizes are usually small and often you travel through the courses as a small group. Requirements to enter the courses are designed to narrow the qualified applicants down to a small group. Even the vet tech courses have waiting lists for people trying to get in.

Keep in mind that after you have graduated from your chosen career, many states will require a set number of hours that you have worked in that career before you can get fully licensed. For example in Oregon, once you have finished your vet tech course you will need to have 2000 hours of paid work experience as a vet tech before you can take the state test to become fully certified. The 2000 hours is about 2 years. Those facts are what you should be looking up when you research the requirements for your state or country before choosing a college and stay away from an online university.


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