Summer is gone and Autumn is here

Another summer has ended. The rainy season has greened up the lawns and pasture again. The first few hard frosty nights have made their way into our calendars. Winter is on it's way.

While most people are making plans for orlando vacations or other places to escape the cold long winters, I am looking forward to the change. Sure, I won't be able to tend the vegetable garden or watch the hummingbirds as they visit our deck, but I will enjoy the little bit of snow we get.

Winter is my time for catching up with my reading and watching TV (I don't watch that much TV when the weather is good … I'm outside at that time).

Autumn is also that unfortunate time of year for people to dump large pets and livestock at auctions or just plain abandoning them. While most people will not get rid of their pets because of the cost of feeding them over the winter costs more, some will. Horses, llamas and other "pet" livestock will most likely suffer at the hands of those few owners. They either buy the very cheap feed that has very little nutritional content or just feed them less. Either way those animals end up almost starving over the winter. It is winter when animals that do not hibernate need nutrition and lots of it. Thank goodness it is only a few people that do that.

Go and hug your pets and help them adjust to the change in the seasons.


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