Talking animal movies

What are your favorite talking animal movies?

Was it “Francis the talking Mule?” That one might be a bit old for most of you.

The Adventures of Francis the Talking Mule – 4 movies on DVD starring Donald O’Conner

How about Disney movies, “The Incredible Journey?” (both the original which had the animals thoughts and the later one where the animals talked). Then there was Doctor Doolittle with Eddy Murphy as the person who could talk to the animals.


Pigs seem to have been a favorite with talking animal movie makers. “Babe” was one of my favorites and then “Wilbur” from “Charlotte’s Web.”  The voice of Wilbur was provided by Dominic Scott Kay.

Of course there were also the talking Chihuahua movies and the techno savvy Guinea Pigs.

I have not included movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks because they are strictly animated while the animal movies had animals that were trained to act.


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