The animals of Katrina


Katrina may have struck the Gulf Coast years ago but there are still stories worth telling the rest of the world about. Most of us have heard the horror stories of the human plight and still many of us heard at least a few stories about the animal rescues. How many of us heard the heroic efforts to rescue the animals and reunite them with their owners months or years later.

Here is a DVD made by film maker Mike Shiley called Dark Water Rising: Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescues It chronicles the efforts of rescuers to save only 10,000 of the 50,000 pets that had to be left in New Orleans. The movie is often very hard to watch. You will need a box of kleenex while watching this 2 hour movie. If the many animals were not outright killed by the hurricane itself then they would be subjected to being trapped in their own homes or yards and starved or drowned by rising flood waters.

Animals were not reunited with their owners right away since it was often hard to find the owners. People were moved around to different states and animal rescue agencies often had to care for the animals for months.

The movie is not readily available everywhere. I did find a copy so you can't say that you couldn't find out what happened to the pets of Katrina. The link above is to the Amazon page where I found it. You can also download it from Amazon at the link below for as little as $0 if it is part of your free trial period.

Dark Water Rising – download from Amazon


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