The idiots guide to aquariums

The easiest way to have an aquarium is not to own fish. What……not own fish? Yep, that is what I just wrote. You recall the burning yule log DVD that you play during the holidays…..because you don’t have a fireplace? Well there is now an aquarium DVD for people who don’t have a fish tank. The size of the virtual fish are only limited to the size of your TV screen, so the bigger the better.


Here is a list of aquarium DVDs

The DVD has 103 minutes of … There are 3 scenes and it has options for music too. What is next that we will find on sale, a DVD of a hamster cage with your virtual pet hamster running around on the wheel? It would be perfect for people who hate to clean the cage out. How about a virtual exotic animal, like a lemur or a cheetah, or would that be too difficult to put on a DVD. Just think of having a cheetah pacing up and down a cage for hours on end just to display it on your TV when friends come over. Has technology gone too far? Why would you want a pretend pet anyway….oops, I forgot that we all had pretend pets or playmate when we were little, but why do that when we got older?

Oh well, to each there own. If someone will buy it, someone will make or create it and sell it to you….for a price.

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