Working with animals


I use to think that a career of being a Veterinarian would be my dream career. At least that was until I was in my 20’s and getting into college was just an expensive dream. Later I wanted to become a Veterinary Technician and go to college to pass the Veterinary Technician Exam for my state. I would be working along side a Veterinarian and still be close to animals. So what has changed my mind?

Euthanasia has changed that for me. Since I have gone through the ordeal of having my beloved mare put down and I was present to assist and comfort her when she went. I have decided that I don’t want to be around dying animals. It is just too heartbreaking. I remember 20 years ago when I took a litter of 7 puppies to the vet or their first shots, one of the techs told me it was great seeing the healthy puppies. It cheered her up, as they see so much death, it was nice to see animals full of life.

While I would relish a career working with animals maybe a support career would be better. Something more along the lines of photographer that goes to the horse or dog shows and takes those winning poses of ribbon presentations or even as a sales rep for a company that sells animal products. I would then get to see animals as they fussed over by their loving owners. I am sure that the pay would be considerably less than my original goals but my sanity would be worth it.


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