Happy New Year 2010


I hope your New Year celebration was a safe and happy one. I have been busy yet again with the blog. I have decided to cut out the middle man and sell advertising on this blog directly to my readers and visitors. You can find out more about that on my Advertising page. I already have a sale so please visit the advertiser.

The choice to cut out the middle man was not one to make more money but a disappointing lack of animal related advertisers on the advertising platforms that were touted as popular. I had tried EntreCard, and after the company had some changes that were not blogger friendly I decided to drop them. I looked into other advertising widgets and found them to be very low paying for questionable content. AdBrite looked promising but they too lack animal and ecology related advertisers. I have rejected hundreds of questionable and foreign language ads from them.

Other news is that I am starting to get the hang of Twitter and you should come on over and visit me on there. Let me know what you would like to see more of on the blog this year. I love to dig around the internet to get a more of a behind the headlines type of story so I just need to know what you like me to investigate.

This promises to be an exciting year so let’s see where it takes us.


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