Allergic to cats


It may surprise you that I am allergic to cats and I have cats! I found that my allergic reactions can be kept under control with Claritin. Before those wonderful allergy medications came along I had to take precautions that made living with cats easy. The number one thing I did was wash my hands after petting the cat. If I did not wash my hands and then touched my face or rubbed my eyes it would trigger an allergic episode. The next thing I had to do was make sure that house air filters were changed regularly, they collected cat hair and they helped keep the air clean for me. I also made sure there was fresh air circulating through the house so I would not be breathing stale allergy causing air.

Other precautions I would take would be to use a dust mask when I vacuumed or cleaned. 

Yes I love my cats and as long as I take steps to prevent my allergic reactions to them, they stay with me for their lifetime.


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