Feline acne


Just like us humans, cats can get acne. Commonly known as feline acne it occurs mostly on the lips, chine and head. Small lumps and bumps form and even blackheads can form. If the cat is irritated by the acne they do the same as us humans do and mess with the pimples. That could lead to a nasty bloody mess and a possible secondary infection. What kind of acne treatments should you try before calling the vet?

Washing the affected area with an antibacterial shampoo or a a feline shampoo followed by a betadine rinse. You can also add a teaspoon of iodine to a bottle of feline shampoo to make your own medicated shampoo. The washing the area should be done daily. It is helpful to have the area clipped so that hair does not mat up around the acne while being treated.

Switching to a dry food instead of a wet food while the cat is being treated will help with keeping the cat clean in that area. One bonus is if you have more than one cat, the other cat might help with keeping the acne cat clean by licking.

If the acne does not improve or does get worse then a trip to the vet is in order. The vet may prescribe antibiotics for the cat.


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