It’s showtime

Late winter and early spring mark the beginnings of dog, cat and horse show season. Cat shows often start in early winter since they are a mostly indoor venue. Dog and horse shows can take place both indoors and out so weather plays an important role. To find out where dog, cat and horse shows take place near you, look in the following places:

  • local newspapers in the classified sections under announcements
  • the website for the local fairgrounds, they often list up coming events
  • for dog shows check the AKC website, they list sanctioned dog shows
  • horse show announcements are often posted at the local feed store
  • talk to the personnel in the local pet store or groomers, they are a wealth of information regarding the show circuit.

Now that you know how to find out about a local show near you, go out and watch one. Visit the areas "back stage" of a show and talk with the owners. Shows are not just all about winning ribbons, it is meeting people and talking about your favorite breeds and bloodlines. Some shows even have demonstrations for new owners as well as the all important concession stands and shopping areas.


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