Odd things that pets bring home


Those of you that have outdoor cats have usually experienced your cat bringing home something less than desirable into your home. Be it a dead mouse or bird, their “gift” to you is not a well received one. Dead animals are not the only items that cats can bring home. Several years ago there was a news item about a cat that brought home diamonds. The cat came in the house limping after being out all night. The cat’s owner looked for the cause of the limp and removed what she thought was a piece of glass from between the cats toes. The same thing happened the next night. It was discovered that those pieces of “glass” were diamonds and it was never discovered where the cat got them.

We also knew a neighbors cat that would steal things. That cat took a watch of mine once and I had to chase the cat for a few 100 feet before she dropped it. The photo above is of Frankie, a “cat burglar” in England. Frankie brings home a kinds of stuffed animals. He never plays with them, according to his owner, just simply collects them.

Dogs also bring home some of the strangest things, including other live animals. My daughter’s dog ran off in our local woods to bring back something in her mouth…..a baby rabbit. Unharmed we managed to return the rabbit to its home within an hour of searching for it. Our dogs have also brought home kittens and other dogs. The dogs eventually returned to their homes but the kittens did stay.


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