We have a new kitten in the house

After our house cat made her great escape into the wilderness last May and joined our crew of outdoor cats, the inside of our home has been cat less. My daughter was the caretaker of Sabrina the former house cat, they were always together. Once Sabrina got out that night in May, through an opening in the window screen, she became wild. It was almost like she had forgotten who we were. At first we did not see much of her but now we see her almost everyday down at our barn eating cat food with the other cats. She still keeps her distance from us. Strange, but that is how she prefers it now.

Since all of our cats are neutered or spayed there was no chance of gaining another kitten to replace the indoor cat. To take one of our outdoor cats and try and keep them indoors 100% of the time would be futile since the cat would always want to go outside and play. Having another kitten would be the answer we were looking for.

A friend of my daughters lives in an area just outside of town on a main road. They have a problem with cats. Their house has become the “dump a cat” house. People drive by, slow down, then push the cat or kitten out the car and drive off. Those cats then wander into their property where they tend to gather by their backdoor. They have spent lots of $$$$ to have some of those cats neutered or spayed but most of them turn wild and keep on breeding.

My daughter asked her friend to pick out a Siamese colored kitten (they have all colors and sizes) and tame it down for a few days and then we will come and get it. Her friend was more than happy to get rid of a kitten and grabbed one right away. We brought it home 2 days ago and the little kitten has settled in nicely.

I have also discovered that the kitten might act as the best appetite suppressant for my overweight min pin. It seems that when the kitten had some left over canned cat food, the dog would not touch it. That is unusual for him since he gobbles up everything in his reach. I think he is afraid of the kitten and won’t touch anything the kitten has touched. It will take time but they will learn to get along.

I will try and get some photos of the little one and post them in the next few days. The kittens name so far is Boris but that could change.

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