Ebay bans sales of seahorses

dead seahorse

seahorse skeleton

Ebay has finally come on board with taking a stand against the seahorse trade. In many parts of the world, sea horses are harvested from the wild, killed and their dried bodies sold as aphrodisiacs. This trade has resulted in the falling numbers of sea horses found in the wild. There is also a smaller trade market in the USA with the bodies of sea horses used in crafts. Their bodies can often be found in bags of shells found in the craft section of larger department stores. Their bodies have been coated in gold or sliver and used as jewelry…………the list goes on and on.

Ebay in their stand against sales on their site of sea horses also means that live seahorses as well as dead ones are also banned. While there are still a few wild caught sea horses that find their way into home aquariums, many of the sea horses that are sold as pets are domestically bred and raised in tanks, not wild caught.

Ebay is actively asking for people finding seahorses, dead or alive on their site, to use the report buttons to report the listing. To read more about this, visit this site.


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