Joy Williams, nature advocate

Until just recently I was unaware of the writings of Joy Williams, a winner of the 1992 Strauss Living Award. She is a person who has used the pen (and keyboard) to make people aware of the raping of our planet.

Normally she is a novelist that has even written a travel guide about her home state, Florida, but in her book, Ill Nature: On Humanity and the Abuse of Nature, she takes sarcastic aim at everyone who is to blame for the dismal condition of our planet.

I have found nothing but praise for her writing. It is hard hitting and hits everyone, yes everyone, including you and I. If you are a consumer you are just as guilty of abusing nature and animals as the guy down the street starving his dog to death. Joy puts that into perspective in her book.

Her works out shine the author. Other than finding out that she has written other books and lived in Florida, I cannot find out much more about her. 


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